Difficulty Ratings




Difficulty is subjective. The following is a rough guide to help you decide which trip is best for you. We rate trips easy, medium or hard:


  • Flat terrain with gentle hills
  • 100km per day
  • 1000m of climbing per day
  • Generous rest periods
  • Social tempo with some challenges
  • Average speeds between 20-25km/h


  • Hilly terrain and some longer climbs
  • 100-150km per day
  • 1000-1500m of climbing per day
  • Ample rest periods
  • Steady tempo with opportunities to ‘test your legs’
  • Average speeds between 25-30km/h


  • Mountainous terrain usually including Hors Catégorie climbs
  • Trips often branded as ‘Hors Catégorie’, or ‘beyond classification’
  • 100-200km per day
  • 1200-4000m of climbing per day
  • Short rest periods
  • Solid, sustainable tempo with some ‘swapping-off’
  • Average speeds near 30km/h



Feel free to email us at info@soigneur.cc if you’d like to know more about the difficulty rating of any of our trips.

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